Society Killed The Teenager.
Level 17 | Lesbian | Reckless
❤ Taken by a fine ass girl ❤
.Fuck Society & Cultural Norms.
Professional Zombie Killer and somewhat obsessed with my hair

When you feel stupid for staying up because you want to talk to someone then bam. They go to bed.

Just taking selfies while I wait for my girlfriend to talk to me.  
Ur amazing 😂❤️👌

Thanks stranger
👽❤ my girlfriend is 100 times better though.

So nervous. Job evening soon

Dear everyone. You are all prefect in your own little way. Embrace it and share it with others because they will never ever find someone just like you.
It fcking destroyed me when u said 'cool as'

I’m crying. What did you want me to say? I feel so fucking horrible right now that if I can find one… I wouldn’t hesitate to put all the hard work down the drain.

Going to turn my message box off. Not like I get fucking messages anyway.

Incase you haven’t been told today or need to be told again : you are absolutely amazing!