Hey There Beautiful 👸
Level 17 | Lesbian | Reckless
❤ Taken by a fine ass girl ❤
.Fuck Society & Cultural Norms.
Professional Zombie Killer and somewhat obsessed with my hair.
Neck kisses 😍
I kinda want u on top of me or me on top of you maybe naked maybe not

You’re getting rather kinky anon and that’s great.
You’d go blind if you saw me naked though.

The shit thing

The more I think about someone likeing me and actually meaning it.. The more I convince myself it’s a lie.

It always is.

What if she felt comfortable going the whole way? like eating out and stuff :)

If she wants me to eat her out then that’s fine for me ❤❤

If ur gf was naked with u right now... How far would u want to go with her?

As far as she felt comfortable with. I’d never want to do anything that my girlfriend didn’t want to do ❤❤

Come be in my bed NOW

I’m flying over right now ❤❤

No its the opposite babe x

Never never never never never


It issssss

Y disapointed?

1. My body is ew.
2. I wouldn’t be able to help myself… You’d look to good to take my hands off